Our Services

Jerry's Excavations & Demolition are proud to offer the following

Demolition of structures up to 15 metres

We demolish residential and commercial structures up to a maximum height of 15 metres. This includes the removal and disposal of all material (including asbestos, trees, plants, etc.), provision of a certificate of clearance (for asbestos) and levelling of site. We can also arrange disconnection of all services (e.g. water, power, gas, phone, etc.) and supply temporary fencing.


Pool demolition

We remove and dispose of all concrete and fibreglass swimming pools as well as backfilling and levelling of the excavated site (including providing soil if required).


Bulk Earthmoving

Whilst most our work consists of earthmoving on residential and commercial sites, we can undertake the excavation and removal of bulk soil and attend to site levelling. We can also supply bulk soil if required.


Land Clearing

We attend to all site-clearing, especially residential and commercial. Services include scraping of all grass/scrub off sites, removal of trees (including stumps), shrubs, gardens, fences, rocks, etc. Site will be left clean and level for any future proposed use.


House cut-outs

We excavate residential and commercial building sites for future concrete slabs. We can also provide piering, strip footings, rock excavation and post-hole digging if required.


Site clean-ups

We clean-up building sites (residential and commercial) and dispose of all materials.


Concrete slabs and driveways removed

We excavate and dispose of all residential/commercial concrete slabs, driveways, paths, etc. as well as bitumen/asphalt.


** We are fully licensed and WorkCover accredited for all excavation and demolition work and hold $20 million public liability insurance.